Samantha Ward

I’m Samantha Ward, 39, single mom of James 19, Logan 13, and Dominic 12. I was diagnosed at 34 in 2012 Stage 3c. I had a bilateral mastectomy, 8 rounds of chemo and 38 rounds of radiation. I received 3rd degree burns from the radiation which turned into staph infection, which infected my expander causing me to have to remove one. In Jan. 2013, I had a DIEP procedure done. In Feb, I started having severe back pain and leg issues. In Aug. the doctor finally did an MRI and discovered cancer in my L2 and pelvic bone which upped me to Stage 4 metastasis. I was given 14 founds of radiation and put on chemo again and told I’d be on some form of chemo the rest of my life. In May 2015, I started having problems swallowing. In October, I was hospitalized with pneumonia and discovered a tumor in my lymph node wrapped around my thyroid. I received another 15 rounds of radiation and changed my chemo, to the chemo I am currently on. Throughout this whole adventure from the DIEP till now, I’ve been battling MRSA on top of all this as well. I will be getting an updated PET scan in September to see if the chemo is holding the cancer at bay.